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Supply Planning Software

Supply Chain Planning Software

Supply planning is the culmination of sales and business forecasting practices. Of course, our sales forecasting system contains all the shiny tech, such as algorithms, forecasts, and a wide usability for more than just one department or employee. However, demand and supply planning software are where the true magic happens. The best supply planning software systems integrate with both a sales forecasting solution and an ERP system.

That is why at Avercast, we consider our software the best supply chain planning software on the market. Our supply chain demand planning software allows you to see actual reports and suggestions of the next steps to take. A basic forecasting tool will tell you how much you are going to sell, a supply chain planning and optimization software will tell you what to do with that forecast.

Demand and supply planning software is one of the best tools for demand planners to manage demand and ensure product placement accuracy. Because no forecast is 100% accurate and no software can predict the future perfectly, our supply chain demand planning software allows you to perform "What-if” scenarios. These types of what-if scenarios allow you to run a simulation based on your current projections and actual content of on hand supply, lead time, safety stock, and safety time that is pulled from your ERP system.

Using supply chain planning and optimization software allow you to see what would happen if suddenly your demand spiked to 50,000 sales or dropped to 50 sales. It shows you what your new recommended purchasing schedule would become and therefore gives you the option to schedule more planned orders and receipts. Like many of the best supply planning software systems, Avercast allows you to plan even more efficiently for events, recessions, and surpluses so that you can always stay on top of your demand.

Not only does our demand and supply chain planning software allow you to play-out and plan for several scenarios, but you are also able to export a report into Excel and see even more recommendations. The system will present you with the dates that you are scheduled to be out of stock according to your current plan. It will then provide you with locations where you may be overstocked for a while so you can make the decision of possibly shifting inventory from one location where it is overstocked, to another location where it is sold out.

These reporting tools and what-if simulations are not just product-by-product or on one large, simulated group. Our demand and supply chain software system allows you to create customized reports based on exactly which products and locations you want to see in that report. This way, you can manage demand at any level with custom categories that create these filter sets, such as supplier, SKU, location, and anything else you can think of that would benefit your business model.

These are just some of the reasons why our customers have called our system the best supply planning software on the market. We want to be able to demonstrate our worth before you make any large financial investments and that is why we provide an extensive demo of our services where we will answer all your questions, dive into the software itself, and in some cases, even put your data into the system so that you can see how it will work for you specifically. If you want to save time, we also offer a quick call for a consultation to make sure we offer the basics of what you are looking for. Sign up today at to learn more!

Key Features:

  • Create a simulation of the future and plan for anything
  • See where you are over-stocked or stock-out and level out your inventory
  • Work with our experience supply planning team
  • Integrate with any ERP system to keep things current and accurate
  • Make decisions on system recommendations
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