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Supplier Connections Software

Supplier Connections Software

Communication skills are becoming the most important skills in the business world today. With some of the newer generations failing to develop in-person communication skills due to an introduction of technology and social media, communication skills are no longer implied and are often taken for granted.

Not only is communication an extremely valuable asset for an individual to have, but it is also a necessary skill when it comes to sectors within a company. Our Sales and Operations planning software product aims to solve this problem by allowing communication between operations, finance, and sales departments. Our supplier connections software takes this further by allowing the seamless communication and action on behalf of suppliers, vendors, buyer-planners, and management.

The supplier connection software uses the information that it gets from our supply planning software in order to display a picture of what will be happening in the eyes of a vendor. The supply planning software gets some of its information from your ERP system and some from our business forecasting software tool and is all considered when we get to the supplier connection software.

Avercast Supplier Connection software allows you to apply filters or see a total of all your scheduled and planned purchase orders. These purchase orders can then be clicked on to see a more in-depth report about their situation. The in-depth report shows any comments or special instructions, as well as the current shipping status of the order and several dates that are important in the final production such as: the revised EFD, the actual EFD, the On-Board Date, the Pre-Production Test, the Material Inspection, the Production Start, the In-line Inspection, the Production test, the In-House Test, and the Final Inspection. The necessary parties may go in and create the dates of these processes if it involves them so that other interested parties can log on and see the status of something without needing to contact another location, warehouse, vendor, etc.

This can be especially helpful for companies that deal with locations outside of their country or across the world where time zones may be different and therefore getting in touch with other locations can be difficult. When making an update, a user is also able to select a reason for making the update to make things clear, such as: adding a comment, making a scheduled change, notifying someone that a product is in production, or notifying someone that a product has been delayed. This can be helpful when dealing with a shipment that involves several SKUs that vary significantly because you can identify where the delay in the process is happening.

All of this can be done within the Avercast Legacy System, however, if a department in the company, management perhaps, needs to make an adjustment or see the status on purchase orders, they can also do so online. The online system allows users to flag orders if there is an issue. For example, if a current order is scheduled to be shipped by boat, but it is needed much sooner, the order can be flagged and request that it be shipped by plane. These are just a few of the ways that Avercast supplier connection software can help facilitate productive communication within a company. Sign up for a demo to see exactly how we can meet your demand planning software needs!

Key Features:

  • Facilitate communication with vendors
  • Flag orders for changes online
  • Communicate with global sectors outside of business hours
  • Follow the entire process of an order with every date involved.
  • Approve or comment on a shipment without ever picking up a phone.
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