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Salespeople Forecasting Software

Best Sales Forecasting Software

In today’s software-heavy society, sales forecasting has become an essential part of any successful business. Sales Forecasting software is one of the many useful tools to aid in that process, but the best sales forecasting software can be elusive. There are only so many features that can distinguish open source sales forecasting software until features and functionality begin to blend together. One difficult aspect of identifying a potential solution is the excessive amount of titles given to sales forecasting software.

Some of these names include: Open source sales forecasting, Software sales forecasting, Sales forecast management software, Forecasting sales software, Retail sales forecasting, and the original, sales forecasting software. All of these names are generally speaking of the same thing and therefore some companies attempt to distinguish their solutions with fancy nomenclature.

Some companies may choose to provide a sales forecasting software download or other sales forecasting software for free that are generally used for the purposes of demonstration in higher education. At Avercast, we have chosen to distinguish ourselves from our competition with a sales forecasting software solution that focuses on constantly improving forecast accuracy.

The best sales forecasting software is focused on accuracy because that is its main use. So how do we improve accuracy? We do it through the development of complex forecasting algorithms that we have worked on over our 10+ years in the open source sales forecasting software industry. Many companies will have 10-20 forecasting algorithms used to generate a forecast; at Avercast we have developed 250+ sales forecasting formulas to present the most accurate forecast possible.

We have been able to develop these retail sales forecasting software formulas through working with our clients to identify a wide variety of possibilities in a wide variety of industries. Every industry is different and therefore every industry must have a unique set of algorithms that account for varying seasonality, moving averages, trend projection, and even qualitative methods used to forecast.

That is why our sales forecasting software solution allows users to make custom adjustments to the forecast and even assign a different forecasting method if their experience dictates a forecast to be different than what the system has calculated. Of course, no sales forecast management software is going to be 100% accurate and therefore these adjustments are an essential part of the process.

Not only does open source sales forecasting software present the opportunity for an effective demand plan for the operations department, but it can be used to help any department prosper through planning. Sales forecasting software can be used by multiple departments to identify top-sellers and obsolete products. There may be an item in a company’s inventory that is taking up more space than it is worth, or a product that is quietly performing fantastic below the radar that should be brought to light and pushed.

This type of order optimization can benefit every department from marketing to finance by providing a report both of what has happened and what is projected to happen. Sales forecasting software offers a diverse benefit depending on the user which can also cut costs in other departments and increase productivity. Book a demo with Avercast to see why we are considered one of the best sales forecasting software and how your business model can benefit from our sales forecasting software.

Key Features:

  • Generate an accurate forecast from 250+ formulas
  • Make custom qualitative adjustments based on your expertise
  • Customise your reports and graphs for customer and management presentations
  • Work with other departments on a user-friendly solution
  • Create custom filters to forecast by customer, location, product, etc.
  • Integrate with our demand planning suite and optimise your supply chain
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