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Sales & Operations Planning Software

S&OP Software

S&OP software, also known as Sales and Operations Planning software, is the culmination of inter-departmental demand management software tools. A strong benefit of Avercast is the ability to connect as a team no matter where your company is in the world.

This collaboration is possible with any tool in the Avercast supply chain software suite. However, our S&OP software is built specifically for the purposes of improving and optimizing the communication between your finance, sales, and operations departments and therefore optimizing your supply chain.

We have noticed that many of our clients may have a solid plan in the finance department, the sales department, and in the operations department, but their plans were very different in some cases. This is why we created a Sales and Operations Planning software that features one screen that can show all three plans of the departments represented. The finance section of the Avercast S&OP software shows the budget, pulled directly from the ERP system. The budget contains information in the form of a report on the budget from the previous year. You are then able to see what the actual spending was and see both a numerical integer representation and a percentage representation of how accurate the plan was.

The sales section of the Avercast Sales & Operations software shows the forecast taken from the Avercast Business Forecasting system that allows you to see what the sales forecast of the previous year was. Your sales team can then see the actual number of sales that took place (same as in the budget section) and the 2 variance rows representing a numerical integer and percentage of difference between the plan and what actually took place.

Finally, the operations section of the Avercast Sales and Operations software shows the scheduled inventory and the planned inventory, taken both from your ERP system and the Avercast Supply Planning system. You can then compare your scheduled inventory with your planned inventory to see how accurate the software is. This will ultimately improve order accuracy as you make manual adjustments to your planned orders.

Afterwards each department can analyze and reason why their variance integers/percentages were as they were, and a management team could look and see where the most variance has occurred between these three departments. It is possible that the sales department is experiencing a wide variance from the actual products sold because the operations department produced too much or too little of a product. Or perhaps the operations department was off on their scheduled orders because the finance department was too optimistic with the budget and the company did not have the money to meet a certain production.

Each of these departments can affect the others and our S&OP software solution provides cohesion and transparency across departments worldwide. When the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, a company can enhance both the supply chain and the customer experience, and everyone benefits. To get a clearer idea of how Avercast Sales and Operations Planning software can benefit your company, sign up for a demo and speak with one of our supply chain planning experts.

Key Features:

  • See the variance from the plan of your sales, finance, and operations department
  • See how each department may have impacted the others positively or negatively
  • See a visual representation of the communication across departments with a bar graph
  • Compare individual products, locations, or custom sets with customizable filters
  • Integrate with other screens in the Avercast supply chain planning suite
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