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Inventory Planning Software

Inventory Forecasting Software

Inventory forecasting software is cutting-edge software designed to manage and plan inventory through every stage of your supply chain. Our software offers inventory categorization, SKU level management, ERP integration, BI integration, and more. We also support multiple sales channels, provide tools to manage several warehouses. Avercast's Inventory management software offers notable financial benefits to any business looking to boost inventory turns and performance. Avercast's software provides an accurate projection of upcoming sales for every SKU at every location, warehouse, or customer, where you can view up to five years of future demand. The system then analyzes your current orders and planned orders to recommend an optimal purchase order across your vendors.

Overcome these stock-outs with Avercast's Inventory Planning Software

When you have the right amount of inventory on hand, not too much or too little, customers are happy. However, constantly stocking out will ultimately drive your customers to your competitors. Having accurate inventory levels is necessary to reduce costs and maintain customer loyalty.

Inventory Planning Software

Inventory planning software helps businesses of any size manage their inventory across several sales and/or distribution channels. Right-size your inventory based on inventory turns, sales projections, lead time, and generally any situation that could affect your inventory. Avercast’s inventory management software will help you manage your inventory with flexibility to address operations at manufactory levels, warehouse levels, and company levels. Our platform automates your inventory flow from initial demand through purchasing.

With Avercast's Inventory Planning Software, get an overview of your data with custom reporting tools that give you enough information to make an informed decision in minutes. Use overstocked locations to supply out of stock locations and optimize your inventory with ease.

Predictive Analytics with Inventory Management Software

Accelerate growth with more reliable sales estimates. Don’t waste energy on manual data uploads or tweaks inside of a spreadsheet-based on someone else’s tribal knowledge. Avercast’s forecasting software will do it for you. With 250+ forecasting algorithms and experienced consulting, we’ll give you the best of what the inventory planning software world has to offer.
Cutting-edge demand planning for any business.
See a near-immediate ROI in the form of forecast accuracy, Right-sized inventory purchasing, reduced inventory levels where it counts, better customer service, and less stocking out.
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The Benefits of Inventory Management Software

  • Adaptable & Customizable : Get a tailored & flexible inventory planning software solution configured to your need.
  • User-friendly Reporting and Alerts  : Receive a live alerts regarding your inventory from anywhere at any time.
  • 24/7 Technical Support : Deal directly with the supply chain IT experts that implemented your system.  
  • Warehouse Management : Use inventory planning software to plan orders and shipments from a single platform.
  • Automation : Update data directly from your ERP as frequent or as sparse as you need.  
  • Reliable Data : Receive and output information to/from as many data sources or BI reporting tools that you need.
  • Vendor Performance : Stay on top of your vendors and purchase orders with our browser based SRM tool.
  • Stock Allocation : Take inventory from overstocked locations to supply out of stock locations.
  • Any Location : Forecast and plan according to warehouse, customer, SKU, location, sales channel, or any other defining metric.
  • Inventory Optimization : Boost inventory turns in a specific amount of time according to our demand – inventory level analysis.
  • Enhanced Reports : Get a pre-built or custom configured report to track any metric from which we have the data.
  • Ensure your availability across channels : Inventory forecasting software gives you the confidence to purchase the right amount of product in the right place at the right time.
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