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Forecasting Software

Excellent Forecasting Software to Accelerate Productivity!

Avercast’s Forecasting Software provides a systematic way to look into your future market demand. We have been the masters in the forecasting industry for over a decade and continue to upgrade our standards year by year. Our forecasting software has been known to make advancements in the supply chain industry and synchronize the business process. Using our 250+ forecasting algorithms, we have developed solutions for every business type and will continue to help enterprises grow and manage their customer base.

What is Forecasting Software?

Business Forecasting software is the technique of making future predictions using historical data and analysis of trends. Businesses use forecasting software to plan strategies and allocate a budget for projected demand for a specific period. Managers can determine market events’ effects on company sales and product pricing using budgeting and forecasting software. With forecasting software, businesses can identify upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Forecasting software helps businesses in decision making to obtain accurate results of the upcoming demand. Investors use budgeting and forecasting software to analyze past sales data and alter business strategies in order to get an idea of how a business they have invested in will perform. Predicting the future market before the actual events occur can prevent overstock and stockout situations. For instance, let’s say the forecasting software predicts an increase in product sales depending on the seasonality. You can prepare for excess stock in the inventory well in advance. In the other case, if a decrease in product sales due to an economic crisis is predicted, you can cut down production to avoid product overstock.

Business Forecasting Software: Why your business needs it?

Business forecasting allows you to see your future business performance based on historical data and an analysis of present and future trends. Business forecasting is essential for planning strategies, managing finance, and allocating budget for business efficiency and growth. These informed predictions enable you to design better demand planning strategies, financial operations, production, and marketing. In business forecasting software, past data is analyzed using qualitative and quantitative models for accurate demand forecasting.

Avercast’s business forecasting software is developed using 250+ algorithms to increase the forecast’s accuracy. We implement constant innovation in our forecasting software to fulfill every business need to grow customers. Our business forecasting software continues to add new features to generate accurate forecasts so that our clients expand their market.

Sales Forecasting Software

Sales are the foremost part of any business, so businesses strive to increase sales to survive growing market challenges. Sales forecasting uses past business data and analyzes trends to predict future demand using mathematical forecasting algorithms. Avercast has developed 250+ algorithms to generate the most accurate forecast for any industry type.

Business planning includes estimating the right budget for every business operation. With Avercast’s budgeting and forecasting software, you can predict how much revenue your company will gain in the upcoming period. You get a precise idea of business expenditures in the future so that financial projections can be drawn to increase revenue. With our best sales forecasting software, you can have a precise idea of what your company will sell in the future.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use - Our user-friendly software design allows you to carry out all the operations smoothly. Whether it is projecting sales, switching from a competitor, or upgrading a current solution to a more comprehensive suite, our intuitive software works best for all these operations.
  • Forecast at any level - Keeping your inventory organized is more manageable with our demand planning software. Avercast’s business forecasting software considers every SKU, customer, warehouse, sales region, location, and total business to keep your inventory updated and forecast accurate demand.
  • Increases revenue - Avercast’s forecasting software helps your business to prevent overstock and stockout situations. Our budgeting and forecasting software will empower your business to increase employee productivity and revenue streams.
  • Customized business solutions - Our forecasting solutions are designed to serve all types of industries. Whatever your forecasting requirement, our 250+ algorithms help to generate accurate forecasts.
  • Customer support - We aim to support our clients whenever required. Avercast delivers services to clients throughout the world and offers personal assistance 24/7.
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