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Demand Planning Software

What is Demand Planning Software?

Demand planning software, also known as demand forecasting software, generates estimates of future customer demands to help you plan your production and inventory. Demand forecasting uses statistical data, relevant business information, and historical sales to improve accuracy, alignment, and accountability for efficient supply chain operations. Our forecasting product enables you to foresee future market challenges and avoid having to change your strategy because of market shifts or stock-outs & overstocks. This way, you can count on long-term product demand predictions.

Demand Forecasting Software

Avercast’s Demand Forecasting software generates an accurate plan that includes a prediction of the demand so that company can plan the supply accordingly. In this product description, we will demonstrate how our demand planning software reviews every aspect of the planning process and subsequently optimizes the supply chain of a company.

Avercast’s Demand Planning and Forecasting Software

Our demand planning system can be used to benefit any department and therefore you can justify the purchase with management and confidently answer them when asked “Why Avercast’s Demand Planning software?” Our demand planning suite can both integrate with any ERP a company uses and with other Avercast products including supply planning, supplier connections, sales forecasting, and retail analysis.

Our demand planning solution uses our award-winning 250+ forecasting algorithms in our Sales Forecasting Solution to provide a company with the tools necessary to create a purchasing schedule, generate a bill of material, identify top-sellers, compare products and locations, plan on both a global or local level, and much more.

Manage your teams and plan your production efficiently

Not only does our demand planning software allow for seamless communication between operations/planning departments on a global level, but our demand planning and forecasting software generates an equally seamless connection between several departments in a company as well. Though we specialize in helping you get the right product to the right place at the right time, our company is capable of so much more.

For example, a finance department can benefit from a proper demand plan because they will be able to identify an increase in sales which, in turn, indicates an increase in revenue (available funds). The finance department can then provide a report to management of profit projections long before the sales even take place.

A marketing department would also benefit from the ability to see the forecasts, schedules, and plans contained in the demand planning software. By looking at product priority, a marketing department could determine long in advance when the best time to run a promotion is for every product sold at the company. They can assist the planning department when a less popular item needs to be gone in the interest of making space for a more popular product.

This type of inter-departmental communication and collaboration both locally and overseas is what can make a company perform at maximum efficiency. Though demand planning tools can appear costly, all associated costs are quickly diminished by the amount that is saved in stock outs, overstocks, employee time, innovation, expanding business, and customer satisfaction. For an average company, demand planning solution tends to save a minimum of several thousands of dollars (even after implementation and continued maintenance expenses) which savings only increase as a company gets larger and larger.

Our demand planning software solution is designed to make any company scalable and able to optimize efficiency. Book a demo with one of our demand experts to see how our demand planning solution can specifically benefit your company and what we can do to work with you to provide what you will need for maximum success and savings.

Key Features:

  • Plan in daily, weekly, and monthly intervals
  • Tools to calculate safety stock
  • Manage by your defined exceptions
  • Plan using a bill of material for ordering item kits and raw material combinations
  • Access your open sales orders
  • Plan up to 180 sales periods in the future
  • Facilitate effective collaboration between departments
  • Customize your plan, and the system, according to your business model

Stay ahead of the market with Avercast’s Demand Planning System

With Avercast’s demand planning tools, you can forecast up to 5 years in the future. You won’t have to panic when there are sudden disruptions in the market. Features such as safety stock and safety time enable you to think ahead of time if the demand increases.

With Avercast, you will gain..

  • More accurate forecasts

    Using 250+ forecasting algorithms, Avercast’s demand forecasting software can generate more accurate forecasts so that you don’t have to face overstocks or stock out situations.

  • Demand plans in daily, weekly, and monthly intervals

    Avercast’s demand planning tools provide features to determine market requirements for daily, weekly and monthly intervals. This enables you to plan your marketing strategies for different time intervals and other products. You can also determine if you need to hire employees to reach the sales goals. Moreover, you can also plan logistics and warehousing with a proper demand plan.

  • Customized plan for every business model

    We understand the needs of different industries and hence design solutions that serve your purpose of forecasting. Whether you want to determine your new product’s demand or predict which product will be the best-selling, we have forecasting solutions for all your needs.

  • Better management of resources, revenue, raw materials, and inventory

    Our forecasting software provides forecasts, using which you can plan and execute further processes such as hiring employees, marketing strategies, and raw material requirements. Managers from every team can collaborate to make better supply plans.

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