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Rough Cut Capacity Planning Software

Capacity Planning Software

Normally our efforts are focused on getting the right product, in the right place, at the right time. But we understand that there is a large workforce using our software to make this happen. We are truly in the business of cutting the right costs when it comes to anything supply-chain related.

There is a large cost included in the workforce, and we have found that many unnecessary expenses can be avoided by determining a proper workforce to meet the demand. This is where our production capacity planning software comes into play. Capacity planning software allows a company to forecast the workload for upcoming periods and therefore decide to increase, decrease, or maintain the current number of employees.

Our demand planning suite connects the other software solutions within our system together which is where the information for our capacity requirement planning software originates. The forecast that you receive for demand and sales is translated into workload. You provide your workforce, and the capacity planning software provides you with an analysis of the upcoming periods. You are then able to view the months where your workforce is higher than your workload and where your workload is higher than your workforce.

The report that you gain from the production capacity planning software can then be used to make qualitative adjustments and identify when to hire full-time employees, part-time employees, contractors, freelancers, etc. You can also decide when to let employees go, determine the length of a contract depending on the workload, and make valuable decisions about an increase or decrease in production to adjust according to your workforce.

These are just some of the many ways that production capacity planning software can be useful. There are many other ways that capacity planning software can be utilized. Capacity planning software for manufacturing is somewhat obvious, however any type of business model that can utilize demand planning or sales forecasting methods can also utilize capacity planning software.

There will be costs associated with any software. It is very unlikely to be able to find resource capacity planning software free. However, similar to other Avercast software systems, our production capacity planning software pays for itself in the amount of resources saved or encouraged by meeting the workload with the exact workforce. You will no longer need to worry about employees idling around or feeling so overworked that they become less productive. This will subsequently increase productivity and you may even begin to see your workforce become more capable as production capacity planning software is implemented.

Not only can you see an accurate picture of the current scheduled workforce v. workload, but our capacity planning software also provides you with the capability to play out “what-if” scenarios that allow you to see what would happen in the adjustment of workload or workforce. This will provide you with all the information necessary to decide the best path for optimizing workforce, not simply in your operations department, but across the board in every department.

Key Features:

  • Create what-if scenarios to plan for anything
  • Create a workforce to meet your demand exactly
  • Even out workload or workforce across departments
  • Generate reporting for presentation and planning purposes
  • Identify and eliminate productivity-related bottlenecks
  • Capability to reschedule batches based on analysis
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