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Our History

Avercast is a lot more than just a software provider, though we are a world-leading provider of revolutionary supply chain software. We are a global supply chain and forecasting substation. A best-of-breed provider of supply chain services.

We choose to model and transform enterprise decision-making
Accurate decisions matter to your future business plan

More insightful strategies and business dynamics result in better financial outcomes. Universal demand and supply chains are the most significant consumers of the global resources. Excellent planning enables businesses to achieve their targets while using fewer valuable resources.

We help customers work with reliable warehouses, engage with individuals, and increase efficiency. This results in satisfied workers, who go home happy and benefit society. We are determined to create the best supply chain software solution and help all businesses in this fundamental pursuit.

The Avercast Story

Avercast is at the head of the demand planning and forecasting software industry. Before his military service, our founder Gene Averill, manifested excellent math skills. This eventually drove him to solve the supply chain problem the US military was having during the Vietnam war. He created the world's first automated demand and supply planning software. With around 40+ years of experience, he was the lead.

Gene Averill – The First Supply Chain Man

Recognized as the first supply chain man, Gene understood the need for a competent supply chain. He was on a mission to solve obstacles by developing a system to suit the demand. He understood the main principles of supply chain, which have been directing our software since 2008. Avercast LLC was founded in 2008 by Gene Averill, Jason Averill, and Clark Johnson.

Three Pillars of Avercast

Jason Averill

Managing Director & CEO

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Clark Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

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Joe Averill
Joe Averill


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Patricia Fielding

Finance Director

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After successfully accomplishing four decades of experience in the demand and supply chain software industry, Jason Averill (Co-founder & CEO) decided to explore the company in different parts of the world. He went to India in January of 2020 to open up another branch of the global Avercast family.

Avercast Infotech Pvt Ltd, i.e., Avercast India, was established in January 2020. With 250+ advanced forecasting algorithms and formulas, Avercast Infotech started its business to address specific needs in demand planning and forecasting. Our demand forecasting software generates the estimates and allows users to trust that they have the most accurate plan possible.

Our Mission

We are determined to provide cutting-edge demand and supply chain software technologies for all businesses. We enable clients worldwide to analyze, plan, and ensure that the right product is in the right place at the right time. We are a multi-generational, family-owned company where every employee is treated as family. We honor our client base by providing exceptional customer service. After 40+ years of supply chain experience, we have come to know that we have succeeded when our end-users are proclaimed as heroes in their particular associations.

With top-notch results and satisfaction to your customers, Avercast has opened new offices in Europe, Australia, Mexico, and more!

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